News & archive - 2009

This page contains letters, documents, agendas, minutes, bulletins, reports, notices, news releases ... everything you could possibly need to to know about UNISON's activities.  If you find a link doesn't work, please report it here.

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 December 2009 

17th - Paramedic commended for tackling a crazed attacker 

 November 2009 

30th - "£200k pay-out for paramedic" - UNISON member
29th - UNISON member paramedic wins compensation from WMAS
29th - "London police and ambulance in weekend partnership"
28th - "Paramedic wins £200K payout after bag snags" - UNISON member
28th - "London air ambulance chief sacked after he raised financial concerns"
25th - "Paramedic attack victim: We suffer daily"
23rd - "Huge Rise In Attacks On Ambulance Crews"
23rd - "Shocking figures reveal assaults on paramedics"
23rd - The Wave - UNISON environmental march
22nd - Counter CBRN operations conference
19th - "Revealed: 1300 Bristol area health service staff attacked"
19th - "Drop in ambulance staff attacks in London"
18th - The NHS as the Preferred Provider of services -  The recent statement from the Secretary of State, Andy Burnham, MP clarifying the government’s policy that the NHS is the preferred provider of services has been warmly welcomed by NHS staff and trade unions
18th - "Assaults on Gloucestershire paramedics double"
18th - "Paramedic feared for life in knife incident"
17th - "Wiltshire paramedic speaks out over rise in assaults on staff"
17th - "Assault made paramedic "lose faith" in his judgement of potentially dangerous situations"
16th - The Millar Report - a copy of the 1966 report that set the first national standards for ambulance staff, creating a course of training that exceeds that provided to our ECA members
9th - Volunteers relied on as 999 crews
14th - "Death threat to paramedic trying to save teenager"
14th - Swine flu vacinations
14th - Freedom of Information request from UNISON
13th - "999 Out of Time" - Poster showing UNISON Great Western Ambulance Branch campaigning nationally to get Emergency Care Assistants trained to Practitioners. What's your union doing?
13th - "How using a patient journey approach helps to educate nurses about patient safety" GWAS involved in hospital training package
11th - "These paramedics are our lifesavers"
10th - UNISON/Trust engagement day - "outputs"
10th - UNISON/Trust engagement day - workbook
10th - UNISON/Trust engagement day - agenda
6th - Student paramedics, ECAs on OU courses, ambulance staff at University, trainee ECPs - Please complete this online survey 
34th - NHS staff passport launched - The NHS Social Partnership Forum has launched a new “staff passport” which gives NHS staff facing transfer an easy-to-use, practical guide to the employment standards and rights they can expect when being transferred
3rd - UNISON Ambulance Foundation Trust Guide - The UNISON Ambulance Sector guidance to assist English Ambulance branches in dealing with the issues raised by the Foundation Trust process
3rd - National ambulance meeting - notes
3rd - House of Commons Inquiry on Commissioning - UNISON response

 October 2009 

26th - "Ambulance chiefs strive to improve service after damning report"
26th - 2008-2009 NHS violence figures
21st - Message from the General Secretary - Communication Workers Union strike
20th - "Ambulance service fails to meet targets"
19th - "Wiltshire's military and 999 heroes honoured at moving service"
19th - "Watchdog slams ambulance service"
19th - "Drunken teenager bit paramedic
18th - "Great Western Ambulance Service given weak rating"
16th - "Ambulance bosses vow improvements will be seen in response times"
16th - "Great Western Ambulance Service weak rating"
16th - "Ambulance Service given 'weak' rating"
16th - "NHS trust rated weak again"
16th - "Night people: Mindy Jhamat, paramedic"
15th - Media statement - Care Quality Commission
15th - "RUH praised for improvements - depressing news over the Great Western Ambulance Trust"
15th - "Ambulance trust is judged 'weak'"
15th - "Bristol Ambulances "Not Good Enough""
15th - "National figures present 'worrying' picture for local NHS, says Weston MP"
14th - "GWAS Paramedic cut from her car in Lacock after hitting deer
14th - "Ambulance service 'weak' patient care"
13th - Payment of annual leave for individuals on long term sick IMPORTANT
13th - "Wiltshire NHS scores mixed ratings from watchdog"
8th - "[Evolved] ambulance took 30 minutes to travel 3 miles"
6th - "Your chance to learn techniques to help save a life"
5th - "Drink drain on ambulance response"
2nd - "It's Russian roulette for ambulance service" - Public concerns on deployment of double ECA crews
1st - "Inspection finds dirty ambulances
1st - "Ambulance crews faced sat nav blunders"
1st - UNISON Evidence to NHS pay review body

 September 2009 

30th - "Unions unite to question Airwave radio safety" - Unions representing tens of thousands of police staff members across the UK have teamed up this week to question the effects of Airwave radios on users' health. UNISON, which represents staff in all UK police forces, and the Public Commercial Services Union, which represents staff and community support officers at the Met, have both said that more research is needed into Airwave's safety.
30th - Cabinet signs up to UNISON Million Voices campaign
30th - UNISON slams new Co-operation and Competition Panel for putting competition before patient care
30th - "They saved my life" - UNISON Million Voices campaign
30th - "Shame on you" - Former UNISON president slams The Sun for supporting Tories
30th - Welcome progress on equality - UNISON national release
29th - National statement on the role of ECA IMPORTANT
29th - MIP Healthcare Manager newsletter
25th - Letter from Sam Oestreicher (UNISON Ambulance Lead) to David Whiting re: future of ECA role
23rd - ECA Pilot final report - official report
23rd - UNISON Health Service Group newsletter
18th - GMB And UNISON Announce “Refuse To Be Beat” Benefit Gig And Rally In Leeds
16th - Subsistence Policy - notice for members IMPORTANT
14th - UNISON call to defend the NHS - UNISON calls on health unions and workers to reignite the NHS together campaign
14th - Defend and promote public services - TUC delegates support UNISON's Million Voices campaign
14th - Fighting the far right - Unions pledge to work locally against racism
14th - Claw back bail out cash and cut banking excess, not public services - Dave Prentis calls for fairness at the TUC
13th - Breast Cancer Care pink Fridays - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
13th - Women reclaim the night - March in November to end violence against women
12th - UNISON Swine Flu update
11th - Media statement - Joint statement from UNISON and GWAS
11th - Foundation Trust guidance
11th - Public sector workers fear for their jobs - A UNISON survey reveals the impact that the recession is on us
10th - Gang slash tyres on paramedic car
10th - Bristol evening post article - UNISON will hold talks with David Whiting, the chief executive of Great Western Ambulance Service (GWAS), about their use of ECAs
9th - Britannia mortgage poster

 August 2009 

28th - Strengthening our equalities work - I've seen reports that UNISON's conference agreed to create a new role of equality rep - what's this about?
27th - Standby policy - notice for members IMPORTANT
27th - Thank you letter to member (HDU work place contact)
18th - UNISON Evidence to NHS pay review body
16th - "West Midlands Ambulance Service wins new PTS contract"

14th - We love the NHS
11th - Paramedic registration reminder
8th - Improving Working Lives in the NHS
1st - UNISON Welsh Ambulance Uganda project

 July 2009 

27th - Branch meeting minutes
20th - Million Voices factsheet
17th - Framework agreement on prevention from sharp injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector - agreement between HOSPEEM (European Hospital and Healthcare Employers' Association) and UNISON/EPSU (European Public Services Union)
3rd - Health & Wellbeing review

 June 2009 

14th - "'Stupid' driver blocked ambulance"
14th - "Paramedic punched in face by patient: Man arrested"

13th - "Paramedic's hectic life on the road"
1st - "'The ambulance crews should not be faced with such appalling behaviour'"
1st - "Concerns about ambulance staff morale"

 May 2009 

27th - ISA - what it means for our members IMPORTANT
27th - Annual leave accrual when on long term sick
27th - ""Enormous pressure" call on failing ambulance bosses"

21st - Lone working guidance
21st - "Stroke patients face unnecessary delays" - Stroke patients face unnecessary delays because an ambulance service computer system fails to classify their case as urgent, researchers have warned. [Note GWAS is trialing EMDs using the FAST test over the phone]

19th - "Paramedic tells of abuse terror
13th - Two days to save the minimum wage
1st - UNISON National Health Conference - Text of resolutions

 April 2009 

29th - "Ambulance drivers told to forget sat nav and use maps instead"
23rd - Branch meeting minutes
16th - "Lucy Churchill, 22, admits assaulting paramedic and police officer"

 March 2009 

30th - "North West ambulance staff ‘at rock bottom'"
21st - "London 'Booze bus' to be regular service"
18th - "Lone paramedic stabbed in ambulance station raid"
17th - "Thugs ambush paramedic attending dying woman"
17th - "Paramedic threatened with fireworks"
17th - "Ambulance Stethoscopes May Pose Risk"
9th - Paramedic back pay repayment - UNISON intervention prevented unnecessary deduction of wages for a group of UNISON members

 February 2009 

27th - "Paramedics get awards"
27th - Branch meeting - minutes
22nd - "NHS bosses send 'ill-trained' private ambulance crews to 999 calls"
18th - "Paramedic secures compensation after workplace injury"
11th - "Paramedic stabbed by bogus victim"
11th - "Computer system is putting [GWAS] paramedics at risk" - Significant changes have been put in place since the publication of this interview with the UNISON chairman

 January 2009 

30th - Media statement: UNISON at forefront of plans for future of Great Western Ambulance
29th - "Teenage girl who attacked three paramedics walks free from court"
26th - "Mother saves son's life four times" - positive news story featuring UNISON members
25th - "Drunken teen struck paramedic"
25th - "Boy held over paramedic shooting"
24th - "Great Western Ambulance Service saved my life"
23rd - "Jailed for threatening paramedic with gun"
20th - PTS and buslanes - UNISON briefing
16th - "Teenage girl 'hit, kicked and headbutted' paramedics"
15th - "Girl turned on three paramedics"
15th - "Paramedic is praised for life-saving work"
14th - "Patients praise Wiltshire ambulance service"
6th - "Man jailed for paramedic assault"
6th - "Bristol's danger zones for paramedics revealed"