News & archive - 2008

This page contains letters, documents, agendas, minutes, bulletins, reports, notices, news releases ... everything you could possibly need to to know about UNISON's activities.  If you find a link doesn't work, please report it here.

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 December 2008 

31st - "Ambulance men arrested for 'ignoring dying man'"
25th - "Drunken teen struck paramedic"
25th - "Boy held over paramedic shooting"
24th - "Drunk woman attacked paramedic as he helped her husband"
18th - "Great Western Ambulance service under pressure"
18th - "Ambulance crews face record calls
15th - Media statement - Private ambulance companies supporting GWAS
15th - UNISON appeals against rubbernecking risk to ambulance crews
6th - "Paramedic shot at whilst treating accident victim"

 November 2008 

29th - "Whatever you do, don't panic" - 999 transcripts
28th - "Ambulance boss apologises to widower whose wife died after 999 delay"
27th - "Man jailed for attacking paramedic"
27th - Branch meeting - minutes
24th - UNISON seeks info on children's social care
24th - "Weston-super-Mare Ambulance delays see OAPs suffer"
24th - 'Safeguard jobs, homes and pensions' says UNISON General Secretary
20th - "Paramedic attacked by mob" - Incident in St Paul's, Bristol
20th - "Health bosses spend £5 million on fleet of new ambulances"
18th - Media response - new GWAS ambulance fleet and the attack on ambulance crew in St Pauls, Bristol
18th - Sacked UNISON member wins five-figure sum
18th -" Yorkshire Paramedic struck off after refusing emergency [when overdue a rest break]" - Another alarming HPC ruling
17th - Equality - No excuses
13th - Email to Chief Executive Anthony Marsh - Operational instruction 10 ("front loading" of RRVs)
7th - "Now ambulance workers fall victim to battlefield stress"
5th - Act now to prevent assaults, says UNISON
3rd - Media statement - GWAS ambulance crews at risk of violence and aggression at 312 addresses
3rd - "Extra funding for under-fire ambulance service"
3rd - "Ambulance targets to receive funding boost"
3rd - "Ambulance trust secures funding"
3rd - "Extra cash for under-fire ambulance service"
3rd - "Woman threatened paramedic with AIDS"
2nd - "Concern at ambulance 'risk lists'"
1st - "Sarah's agonising three-hour wait for ambulance"

 October 2008 

31st - "Ambulance boss pledge on response times"
30th - "Great Western Ambulance Service Leads The Way In Treating Patients At Home"
29th - "Bristol Christmas lights launch to raise funds for GWAA"
28th - "Ambulance boss will fire managers and hire paramedics"
28th - The HPC - message from UNISON WMAS branch
27th - "Saving lives in a virtual world"
27th - UNISON: NHS staff 'need pay safety net'  

24th - "Ambulance sent 34 miles for 200-yard trip"
24th - UNISON: ‘Slash staff training at your peril’

22nd - Statement following the JCNC, 21st October 2008
19th - "Attacked crew hid in ambulance from Lancashire man"
16th - "West Midlands ambulance service is 'excellent'"
14th "Paramedic struck off" - HPC case from Wales
13th - "Booze fuels jump in attacks in paramedics"
7th - "MP calls for ambulance review"

6th - ECAs - developments in WMAS
4th - "Ambulance chief saw 'we need more staff'"
2nd - News report about HPC case

2nd - "What happens when you dial 999 for an ambulance"

2nd - "Ambulance crew threat man charged"

 September 2008 

30th - New computer system to improve GWAS ambulance response times
30th - New chief of Great Western Ambulance Trust pledges to turn it around
29th - Emergency Care Assistants - UNISON national update and response from HPC
26th - "Super ambulances to cut A&E waiting times"
25th - "Man hijacks ambulance at gunpoint and crashes into five cars"
24th - Branch Newsletter
23rd - "Paramedics' despair over house names"

EndoTracheal Intubation resources
A separate page with information about proposals to remove ET intubation from the paramedic skillset.

11th - "Paramedic to learn fate over 'celery incident'"
9th - "Great Western Ambulance boss quits"
9th - "Air ambulance celebrates first three months of service"
7th - KA34 ambulance statistics - Information about the ambulance services is collected in a form called KA34.

9th - UNISON area team meeting minutes

 August 2008 

30th - Healthcare Commission - Summary of the intervention at Great Western Ambulance Service
15th - Ever felt fobbed off? - free gifts for UNISON members
14th - "[Scotland Ambulance Technician] jailed over patient 'photo'"
14th - "Urgent call target triggers cash crisis"
13th - "Anger over two-hour ambulance wait"
12th - "Paramedic bitten by violent patient"
11th - "More woe for ambulance service"
9th - "Axing Bristol paramedics' hotline forces them to dial 999 for support"
6th - "Union row over ambulance scheme: UNISON wants emergency
care assistants to be provided with better training

6th - "Ambulance staff prepare for [...] action over care assistant position"
6th - ECA scheme - letter to members from Branch Chairman
5th - "Big overspend for ambulances"
5th - "Ambulance workers halt pilot scheme"
4th - "Ambulance Service in crisis"
4th - ECA scheme - Letter to Alan Johnson, Secretary of State
4th - ECA scheme - notice of withdrawal of pilot trial status

2nd - "Ambulance service in debt"
1st - "Overstretched ambulance service forced to call in military to fill shortages"

 July 2008 

31st - RRV desk dispute
31st - Rest break grievance - letter to HR
31st - "Suspension for Mersyside paramedic after a two-year-old boy died eight hours after he examined him"
31st - "[Devizes] Paramedic car will cover 24/7"
30th - "Wotton-under-Edge pupil thanks the air ambulance for saving his life"
30th - "Concerns Over 999 Call Response Times"
29th - "Concern over ambulance cover by private firms"
29th - "Get Ambulance Service Out of Intensive Care"
28th - "Overstretched ambulance service forced to call in military"
28th - "Ambulance service in Gloucestershire in crisis"
25th - "Bristol ambulance paramedics in firing line"
25th - Joint Great Western Ambulance Overview and Scrutiny Committee
18th - HPC fees consultation - UNISON response
16th - "No threat to Wiltshire Air Ambulance"
16th - "Paramedic racially attacked by woman"
14th - ECA Scheme - UNISON Great Western Ambulance Branch withdraws from trial
14th - "Cancer sufferer's 'no show' ambulance"
14th - "Foundations in place" for further development of ambulance service

11th - Staff honoured for long service
10th - Fleet and Logistics - letter to HR
10th - Fleet and Logistics restructure - Letter
9th - Fleet and Logistics - Collective Grievance
9th - Rest break survey - final results

9th - RRV desk collective grievance - letter to Trust from regional officer
9th - Rest breaks - letter to Trust from regional officer 

 June 2008 

26th - Notification of Grievance - Failure to follow policy regarding "RRV desk" grievance
13th - "Biker says thanks to Bristol [sic] air ambulance"
13th - "NHS reforms have produced "only limited benefits so far"" - BMJ
12th - "Teenager 'lucky to be alive' after motorbike accident"
12th - "Widow signs up to save Wiltshire air ambulance"
11th - NHS 60 and still going strong
11th - Voters back fair pay for public servants  
11th - Happy birthday, minimum wage  
9th - Members speak up for public services
9th - "Is this the future of our ambulances?"
6th - UNISON members say yes to NHS pay offer  
6th - "Minister praises Wiltshire helicopter"
6th - UNISON condemns proposed cuts to care home inspections
6th - "Great Western Ambulance Trust faces takeover"
5th - GWAS rest break survey - preliminary results from members who currently work 12-hour shifts with two 30-minute breaks
5th - Ambulance service told to improve
5th - "MPs air views on helicopter"
4th - "MP continues air ambulance fight"

4th - Opportunity to help build a stronger union
4th - "Guard of honour for [UNISON member] newlyweds"

4th - UNISON NEC stresses importance of recruitment
2nd - "Air ambulance takes to the sky"

2nd - "New air ambulance for the region
2nd - "Air ambulance service launched for Gloucestershire
2nd - "It's normal service resumed thanks to lifesavers" - positive patient story
2nd - "Bristol gets helicopter air ambulance"
2nd - "Great grandmother's 10-hour ambulance wait"

1st - Rest break letter to Trust - all aggrieved members must send this letter by post or internal mail

 May 2008 

31st - Rest break poster
27th - Message from the Branch Secretary - to members currently working 12-hour shifts with two 30-minute rest breaks
27th - New rest break policy - information and feedback form for members currently working 12-hour shifts with two 30-minute breaks.  Please send your feedback forms to UNISON Great Western Ambulance, Vintry House, Wine Street, Bristol BS1 2DB or fax 0117 968 9474
27th - "Camera crews film road safety ad days before crash"

27th - "GWAS: We'll hit the target"
27th - "Baby died after GP and ambulance misdiagnosis" - Tragic case from West Midlands
26th - "Superbug found in over 650 patients who died"
26th - Articles: "Collaborative decision-making between paramedics and CCU nurses based on 12-lead ECG telemetry expedites the delivery of thrombolysis in STEMI" and "Prehospital temperature control"
26th - "Paramedic on call-out assaulted by a drunk"
24th - "Paramedic attacked by drunk"
24th - "MP joins fight against Wiltshire air ambulance merger"
23rd - "[Volunteer ambulances] plug gaps, claims UNISON
23rd - "Ambulance unions say rural areas suffering"
23rd - "Welsh Ambulance service faces £6m of compensation claims"
23rd - "Sacked paramedic's life 'upside-down'"
23rd - "Wiltshire Air ambulance axe lifted"
22nd - "Survivors thank Wiltshire air ambulance for lives"
21st - "Ambulancemen attacked while answering 999 call, court told"
21st - "Wiltshire air ambulance move could cost patients' lives
20th - "[Welsh] paramedic fired for using laughing gas on duty"
19th - "Teen patients attack paramedics"
17th -
Study: Exposures and reported symptoms associated with occupational deployment to the Buncefield fuel depot fire
17th - "Ambulance staff morale hits a low"
17th - "Wiltshire MPs' fury at air ambulance threat"
17th - "Liverpool paramedic "ignored" 999 call-out for injured child"
16th - "Concern for future of Wiltshire air ambulance"
16th - "Wiltshire Air Ambulance fact file"
9th - "Row over ambulance videos" - Please note that contrary to how it appears in the report, UNISON has not made a statement to the press on this issue

4th - "Only half ambulances on time in the Cotswolds"
4th - "'Paramedic didn't reach me in time'"
2nd - "Ambulance cover is too thin, say staff" - Reliance on lone workers
2nd - "Ambulances in rural go-slow" - Gloucestershire response times
2nd - Message from the Branch Secretary
1st - "Shared Wiltshire helicopter deal under threat"
1st - Poor ambulance provision affects services provided by the Police and Fire & Rescue Service - joint media statement

 April 2008 

28th - "More hours for [County] air ambulance"
25th - ""We will get better" says ambulance service"
24th - "Covering our backs": ambulance crews’ attitudes towards clinical documentation when emergency (999) patients are not conveyed to hospital - BMJ article
23rd - "Union chiefs worried about ambulance plans" - replacement of ambulances with lone workers in Scotland
22nd - UNISON national ambulance bulletin
20th - Branch newsletter - Info on pay deal, technician banding and rest breaks
21st - "Caring paramedic" - positive new story - but Westcountry get the credit!
18th - "Targets create ambulance staff tension" - Government targets and organisational change have been blamed for "disappointing" staff survey results from ambulance trusts.
16th - "24 percent of ambulance workers attacked by patients"
14th - Health conference opens

11th - "I waited three hours in agony
9th - NHS staff survey results - Media response
9th - Prioritise patients, not privatisation - UNISON urges NHS trusts to change their focus

9th - ""Risky" Staffordshire ambulance service probed"
8th - NHS workforce statistics - message from the regional head of UNISON health
7th - "Wiltshire Air Ambulance in fundraising row"
7th - NHS pay rise negotiations - UNISON national circular, details and Q&A
7th - Stop the BNP sowing its seeds of hate - Vote to keep the British National Party out, says UNISON
7th - UNISON to consult NHS members on 8% offer
7th - When work doesn't pay - In the UK today, half of all poor children live in a working household. Despite recent progress, low pay remains one of the major causes of child poverty. What can we do to lift children out of poverty?
7th - Celebrate the NHS - and look to the future - The UNISON health conference has a lot to discuss when it meets in Manchester next week
7th - Equal pay updates  - Updates on equal pay litigation including Allen v GMB, and the Coventry, Sheffield and Cumbrian cases
7th - Win an iPod in 3-minute survey - UNISON wants to hear from you
7th - "Staffordshire paramedics to wear stab-proof clothing"
1st - Call Connect - UNISON Ambulance briefing 

 March 2008 

31st - "Emergency patients have two hour waits on arrival at A&E"
29th - "Welsh girls apologise for attack on paramedic"
28th - UNISON questions "at scene" times - BBC TV news clip
28th - "Off duty doctor beat paramedic into coma"
27th - "Most ambulance trusts off course for new target "
27th - "Ambulance or police van?" - Kent anti violence campaign
27th - "Sussex air ambulance to cover emergencies at night" - partnership with police
25th - "Ambulance pair escape axe"
23rd - "More talks planned in bid to avert NI ambulance strike"
22nd - "Residents at risk if Tri-Service fire control centre move goes ahead"
17th - "Firefighters' concerns over [GWAS] ambulances"
17th - Welsh ambulance service introduce bariatric vehicles
17th - Trainee nurse's career destroyed by latex allergy and the negligence of her employers
17th - UNISON says budget lacks 'the X factor' 
17th - It's not a lot to ask - UNISON's catch up and match up claim is both reasonable and necessary
17th - 'Staging cuts' - heed the warning - Staging pay awards achieves little ... and has a high cost
17th - Running to stand still - the impact of high living costs on members
17th - Training that fits the course ahead UNISON London Ambulance branch education officer Mark Belkin has developed a novel way of preparing new reps for what lies ahead
17th - Helping members take a break - I have a member who could really do with a break. Is there anything that UNISON can do?
17th - Time for one more push on the climate bill - We've got the power. Together, we can stop climate change
17th - Election spending 2008 - Advice for branches in the run-up to the May elections in England and Wales
17th - UNISON's free personal injury service
17th - Disabled members' conference caucuses
17th - Join the music summer school - Do you have a musical bent? UNISON is offering two all-expenses paid scholarships to the Workers' Music Association summer school in August
16th - "Councillor blocks 999 service probe"

14th - Talks bring hours and pay victory - Theatre nurses fight pay cuts and threat to family life
13th - "'No direction, no cohesion, no communication'"
12th - School cleaners win landmark equal pay victory - UNISON members get six years back pay
10th - UNISON responds to members' concerns about private ambulances
 5th - "Rural areas should expect to wait longer for ambulance, GWAS chiefs say"

 February 2008 

29th - "Ambulance trust to be monitored"
28th - Branch meeting - agenda
27th - "GWAS 999 response in spotlight"

26th - Equal rights - equal treatment? - The TUC has produced a new health and safety checklist, taking account of gender differences
21st - "Get better or get out" - Great Western Ambulance Service has been told to improve its performance or face being replaced in Wiltshire
21st - UNISON calls for windfall tax after British Gas profits soar - Energy supplier British Gas reports annual profits of £571m - just weeks after huge price hike
19th - NHS members vote Yes - Ballot sees 83% vote in favour of new unsocial hours scheme (ambulance staff exempted)
18th - Unsocial hours ballot result - Branch notice
18th - Pay campaign builds - Executive plans next steps in battle for fair public service pay rises
18th - NHS trust builds jobs and health - A unique project in Tayside is tackling NHS recruitment problems in a way that is also helping the long-term unemployed
18th - Advances need to be built on - Women's conference calls for urgent action on equality
18th - Stop the BNP 
18th - Temporary and agency workers
18th - South African visitors at UNISON
13th - Blood service turnaround victory - Hundreds of jobs saved
11th - UNISON calls on government to abandon pay cuts for public service workers
11th - Safety and servicing of Trust ambulance equipment
8th - Workforce development: The Trust's proposal for Technicians - memo
4th - Emergency Care Support Worker resource pack - UNISON national publication
4th - ECA 360 - SWAST feedback survey for ECA pilot scheme - for information only
2nd - Branch magazine

 January 2008 

31st - Unsocial hours ballot - important notice
31st - Unsocial hours proposals - Ambulance FAQ
31st - Branch meeting - minutes
31st - Branch Meeting - agenda
31st - PTS national seminar - details
30th - Rest break proposal - more info on the consultation process

30th - "Ambulance Trust says sorry for poor [Cat C] service"
28th -
Report of survey on "turn-around times" at three acute hospitals by ambulances from Great Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust July to October 2007 - by the Wiltshire sector of the GWA patient and public involvement in health forum.

28th - Pay matters campaign - Fighting for a fair deal for public service workers
27th - "NHS bosses 'bully one in 12 staff'" - GWAS cited in this Guardian article

25th - UNISON urge government new approach to pay - UNISON general secretary meets chancellor
25th - Avoiding slips, trips and falls
25th - UNISON, the law and strike pay deductions
24th - It's not your pay, it's the potatoes
24th - UNISON Welfare news
24th - "Injured school boy waited two hours for ambulance"
24th - Pay squeeze: enough is enough - UNISON pay summit
22nd - Rest breaks - UNISON National Ambulance Sector Committee
22nd - Energy profit probe demanded
20th - "Police learn new medical skills"
17th - UNISON Bargaining update
17th - "Weston-super-Mare gets better ambulance coverage"
14th - Cleaning up the NHS
14th - Getting help from UNISON to pay your study fees
11th - "Ambulance watchdogs to join forces"

9th - UNISON legal newsletter
7th - "Ambulance called out three times after teenagers' roadside pranks"
4th - "999 Teams "can't find their way to us" claim"
3rd - "Ambulance involved in crash drama"
3rd - "Drunken behaviour leaves paramedics stretched"

1st - "Community responders doing well"
1st - Health students see red
1st - "Ambulances back in action"