News & archive - 2007

This page contains letters, documents, agendas, minutes, bulletins, reports, notices, news releases ... everything you could possibly need to to know about UNISON's activities.  If you find a link doesn't work, please report it here.

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 December 2007 

7th - "Heavy ambulances are unsafe"
4th - Vehicle weight issue - Trust memo
3rd - "
UNISON seeks justice for nurse sacked for speaking out against health cuts"

3rd - "[Wiltshire] ambulance assaults down"
3rd - "UNISON wins breakthrough legal case"

 November 2007 

29th - Branch meeting - agenda and minutes
28th - Letter to Tim Lynch - ECA position
28th - "Dirty ambulances spread infection, warns UNISON"
28th - "Being unaware of recycling regulations is no excuse, says Environment Agency"
28th - "Proposed fines for corporate manslaughter too low?"
22nd - "Cleaners key to stamping out superbugs, says UNISON"
22nd - "Tougher enforcement needed to tackle health and safety "crimewave""
20th - Flexible working may be extended by government
18th - UNISON welfare  - new newsletter out now
15th - "UNISON calls for cap on use of private sector in the NHS"
14th - "Giving racism the boot"
12th - Cumbrian women celebrate - UNISON's legal victory on behalf of 1,500 low-paid members

12th - In house home care petition
6th - Prentis welcomes 'ambitious programme' from Brown
9th - Disability in the workplace: mainstream or marginalised?
9th - Equal rights from day one
8th - Manchester health workers strike
8th - Action needed to halt assaults on NHS staff  - UNISON calls for national record to reveal full extent of problem
7th - Ban bullying at work - All workers have the right to be treated with dignity and respect

 October 2007 

26th Home, sweet homes - Housing is one of the most difficult challenges we face. While house prices and rents soar, so does homelessness, overcrowding and the need for social housing. What can be done?
26th - Levelling the playing field - UNISON survey shows just how divisive two-tier pay and conditions in the housing sector really is

18th - Healthcare commission results 2006-07 - media release
16th - Branch Newsletter
16th "Mystery over chemical spill in street"
15th - Letter to Tim Lynch
15th - Defend and celebrate the NHS
13th - "Don't waste our time, warns ambulance service"
12th - Partnership working - email to Tim Lynch
11th - "999 callers facing wait of more than an hour"
9th - New law will help protect NHS staff
9th - UNISON national ambulance meeting - agenda
5th - Regional women's newsletter

1st - "Lifesaver Hayley wins praise" - bystander administration of naloxone

September 2007 

28th - "Ambulance Trust admits problems"
27th - Branch meeting - minutes

21st - Unsocial hours update

19th - Trafalgar Square confirmed for NHS demo
17th - "999 crew was attacked at incident"
13th - "U-turn as Dursley ambulance cover is restored"

13th - Members vote "YES" to pay deal
13th - UNISON rejects NHS criticism
13th - UNISON's winning ways
10th - "999 crew calls a day after tragedy"

6th - "Health crisis: day from hell for desperate 999 staff"
7th - "RAF medics train with 999 staff"
7th - "Cliff face drama: Boy calls 999 - and is told to hold"
6th - "I feared I was about to die"

 August 2007 

30th - Nurse compensated for double attack
23rd - Message from the Branch Executive - 2007 final pay offer ballot
9th - Update regarding Ben and Matt
6th - Short notice shift changes

 July 2007 

25th - Branch Newsletter - Summer 2007
24th - "East of England Ambulance staff help out in Gloucestershire"
24th - "Ambulance shortage fears"
21st - "Now ambulance crews get 'dirty bomb' alarms"
13th - "GWAS: Single crew speeds 999 response"
12th - Letter from Branch Chairman to Judy Saunders
12th - Letter to Tim Lynch - ECAs
12th - RRV collective grievance
9th - "All change for our ambulances"
6th - The future for our HDU, ICT and ECA members
6th - UNISON takes green pledge
6th - Prentis calls for debate on future of public services
5th - National strike decision deferred pending last-ditch talks
5th - UNISON united against terror
4th - National ECSW ("ECA") consultation
4th - UNISON welcomes new health secretary's decision to put NHS restructuring on hold
4th - "I waited 38 minutes for ambulance help"
3rd - UNISON Welfare Flood advice and assistance
2nd - Stubbing it out - what it means
2nd - Social Partnership Forum
2nd - Going the extra mile
1st - "Patients could be left waiting"

 June 2007 

28th - Listen and learn, UNISON says to government
27th - Branch Chairman's report  
25th - "You don't need to go to hospital"
23rd - "Trust is low in hygiene league"
21st - Racism embedded in British institutions
20th - Renewing recruitment and organisation
19th - Prentis: "We demand fairness and justice for our members - and we are prepared to fight and, if necessary strike, to get it."
13th - Ballot for deputy leader of the Labour Party
13th - National demonstration to support the NHS - Saturday 13th October 2007
13th - Keep the NHS Working Campaign Briefing - Positive Futures For The NHS
10th - Thompsons legal newsletter
7th - Update - Reorganisation
6th - BNP report
4th - NHS Survey

 May 2007 

26th - "Ambulance crews could go"
25th - Staff Side Survey for 2008/2009 pay round
25th - "Drunken schoolgirl assaulted paramedic"
23rd - Reorganisation - Open letter to Tim Lynch
23rd - "Ambulance crew sacked for black humour"
23rd - "Delayed ambulance investigated" - ambulance not sent to fatal RTC
22nd -"Paramedic suspended"
21st - "Fresh ambulance delay claim enquiry"
14th - UNISON / CND strategy conference
14th - Make Poverty History: The world can't wait - 2nd June
14th - UNISON Shaping our global world conference
14th - Violence against women
14th - Out in UNISON - latest edition
14th - Bi and trans members network meetings
14th - Workforce monitoring - sexual orientation and gender identity
11th - Amendments to national AfC handbook

 April 2007 

31st - "Fine for 999 spit attack"
30th - GWAS Operational Strategy
30th - "Ambulance in head on crash"
27th - "Teenagers bailed after paramedic attacked"
26th - Branch Executive Meeting - minutes
18th - "The 999 nightmare as ambulances battle against increased targets"
18th - "Ambulance service stung by TV claims"
17th - Media response - "999 Lottery" Tonight with Trevor McDonald
15th - "Minister makes paramedic admission"
13th - Avon team selection
12th - PTS subsistence policy (trust document)
7th - "Data faked to meet targets"
6th - "CFR defibrillators save lives"
5th - "Ambulance fiddle exposed"
5th - "Four 999 crew facing axe over patient's death" - Scotland
3rd - "Ambulance bosses speak out over damming report"

 March 2007 

30th- "Ambulance staff doctored response times" - read for yourself the Audit Commission report
30th - "Ambulance bosses welcome critical report"
30th - Media response - Audit Commission reveals fiddling of response times
30th - "999 response times "fiddled""
30th - "The unhappiest crew in the country"
29th - Media response - Health Commission: Great Western Ambulance morale lowest in country
29th - AGM minutes 
22nd - "80% of Ambulance Control Room Staff Experience Verbal Abuse"
22nd - "Ambulance workers verbally abused"
22nd - "Four-In-five ambulance staff suffer abuse"
19th - "First responders celebrate second birthday"
15th - "Drivers shake fists at injured 999 man"
8th - "End of the road for Weston-Super-Mare Streetsafe bus"
5th - "Ambulance stations in jeopardy"
3rd - Thousands rally across country for NHS
2nd - UNISON General Secretary kicks off weekend of NHS protest  
2nd - UNISON Calls for Rethink on Health and Social Care Watchdog Merger
2nd - UNISON statement: NHS pay rise "nothing more than a pay cut"
1st - Health Professionals Deserve Better Says UNISON
1st - Health Unions Attack Below Inflation Pay Increase
1st - "Fears over loss of Malmesbury ambulance station"

 February 2007 

28th - Branch AGM - invitation
28th - Branch AGM - nomination form
28th - Branch AGM - roles of branch officers
28th - UNISON Launches Report Today: Health Cuts in Each Elected Cabinet Minister's Backyard
28th - Rest break consultation
27th - "Wiltshire paramedic reveals lack of ambulance cover"
27th - Avon Sector leave "buy back"
27th - Government in dock over pregnancy discrimination
27th - NHS report raises spectre of private sector
26th - "Paramedics and ambulance trust battle it out"
23rd - Health & Safety Organiser - latest edition
23rd - Health & Safety bulletin
21st - "£17million hospital plan revealed"
21st - Don't ‘Short Change’ Workers UNISON Boss Warns Government
21st - Branch Newsletter
19th - Statement to the press in response to questions about the unofficial "blog"
19th - NHS Together campaign
19th - Equal rights for agency workers campaign
13th - Unions unite against fascism
8th - NHS SOS demonstration, Bristol on March 3rd - poster
8th - NHS SOS demonstration, Bristol on March 3rd - explanatory leaflet
8th - Defence of the NHS campaign candle lit vigil, Gloucestershire - poster

 January 2007 

30th - Water@Work campaign
23rd - Health & Safety Organiser - latest edition
21st - "Drunk swore at ambulance crew"
20th - Branch diary 2007 - meeting dates IMPORTANT!
18th - "Ambulance workers attacked at a rate of nearly one a day"
17th - Branch development plan
17th - Britannia building society press release
15th - Positively public - UNISON's lobby of Parliament on Tuesday 23rd January is an important opportunity to convey to Westminster MPs our strong opposition to the continuing privatisation and "marketisation" of the NHS
15th - Annual report: national women's committee
15th - "Pub raises money to keep Wiltshire air ambulance flying"
15th - "Anger as vandals attack ambulance"
15th - "Teen yobs ambush ambulance on heart attack call"
15th - "Ambulance damaged in theft"
14th - "999 crews in crisis"
14th - "Overweight patients hit ambulance fleet costs"
12th - "[Beds and Herts] ambulance services to be privatised"
12th - "Rethink on [Yorkshire] ambulance jobs axe"
12th - "Fear and fury as Great Western Ambulance 999 staff face move"
11th - "Helicopter rescues man from M4 ambulance breakdown"
11th - "Your plan won't work say Great Western Ambulance staff"
11th - Branch meeting - minutes
9th - "Swindon resignations may leave ambulance crews short"
8th - "Wiltshire air ambulance split confirmed"
7th - "Ambulance shake up kills twelve" - Sunday Express front cover story
5th - Letter to members
4th - "[UNISON members] call off strike - until 2007"
3rd - "Man assaulted paramedic"