News & archive - 2006

This page contains letters, documents, agendas, minutes, bulletins, reports, notices, news releases ... everything you could possibly need to to know about UNISON's activities.  If you find a link doesn't work, please report it here.

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 December 2006 

31st - "999 - My kebab's ruined"
28th - "Ex police chief backs threatened Wiltshire air ambulance"
25th - The Branch Hymn - add your own tune.  The message should be clear!
23rd - "The ideal tool for decorators" - a novel use for disposable laryngoscope blades from the BMJ
23rd - "Shooting down the NHS reform track" - BMJ editorial
21st - Industrial Action: Suspension - letter to staff
21st - "Ambulance strike called off"
21st - "Ambulance strike called off"
21st - "Police kept in the dark [about plans to scrap Wiltshire air ambulance"
21st - "Keep [Wiltshire air ambulance] appeal separate"
21st - "Hundreds of Yorkshire ambulance workers sent notices of redundancy"
21st - "Union anger as 400 Yorkshire ambulance staff get notice"
21st - "Wiltshire air ambulance supporters rallied"
20th - "Drugged man attacked paramedic"
20th - Industrial Action: Letter to staff
19th - Industrial Action: Details of planned action
19th - "Ambulance staff poised to strike"
19th - "Ambulance crews vote to strike"
19th - "Ambulance staff in strike threat"
19th - "Ambulance crews to strike over Christmas"
19th - National Ambulance Partnership Forum - newsletter
18th - "A new dawn" - Blog comment
18th - "Helicopter may spend less time in the air"
16th - "Ambulance workers set up web blog protest"
14th - "First responders to bike around Bath"
14th - "Wiltshire Air Ambulance under threat"
13th - "Thugs put 999 crew off-road"
8th - "NHS must expect more redundancies, health secretary says"
4th - "999 crew take to the skies"
3rd - Industrial Action: More information

 November 2006 

29th -  "Be safe when riding out this winter"
26th - Industrial Action: The Reasons to Vote YES
24th - Branch Newsletter
22nd - PTS contract lost
17th - "NHS plea over ambulance abuse"
17th - "Ambulance crews denied stab vests because of theft worries"
16th - "Third ambulance for overweight patients"
16th - Media statement in response to "The West This Week"
15th - "Norwich drunk attacked paramedics"
14th - NHS pensions
14th - UNISON supports White Ribbon Day
14th - HIV/AIDS seminar
14th - Maternity and parental rights briefings
13th - The West This Week
11th - "Paramedic driven to buy his own stab-proof vest"
10th - Googling for a diagnosis: use of Google as a diagnostic aid - article
10th - New Horizons - UNISON welfare newsletter
9th - "Put first aid on school timetables"
8th - "Little heroes saved brother's life"
8th - "OAP left to freeze in street"
8th - Positively Public briefing

 October 2006 

31st - Statement to the press in response to questions regarding control room issues
28th - Branch Development Day (02/11/06) - programme
25th - "Ambulance crews facing violence"
24th - "Award for Great Western breech birth operator"
24th - "Firefighters win court case on [first responder] duties"
23rd - NHS Together: Parliamentary lobby on 1st November
23rd - Health & Safety Organiser - Issue 46
21st - "I died for two minutes"
21st - "Union chief slams Yorkshire PTS ambulance sell off plan"
13th - "Airgun snipers target ambulance crews"
12th - "Minister promises £16million for Welsh ambulance service"
12th - "Great Western teams take healthcare to the patient"
10th - HPC punishes paramedic who witnessed a crew room prank - news story  
8th - Branch Newsletter
8th - "Beds & Herts PTS ambulance sell off"
6th - "Ambulance staff at risk of job loses"
6th - "Neigh Neigh Neigh"
3rd - "NWAS technician attacker jailed"
3rd - Final agenda for National disabled members' conference
3rd - Black History Month
3rd - Positively Public briefing
2nd - "New role for Swindon ambulances"
2nd - "Toughen up on 999 crew attackers"

 September 2006 

28th - "Neighbour tells of fight to save victim"
27th - "Cumbria ambulance control to be axed"
27th - "Scottish ambulance staffing levels to increase by 20%"
27th - Britannia Building Society: Remorgage for free
25th - "UNISON chief slams PTS ambulance sell off plan"
25th - UNSION ads push NHS message
25th - NHS Together - Lobby Parliament on 1st November
24th - "Casualty's Josh: Real stars are the understaffed and underfunded NHS staff ... I just happen to be on telly"
22nd - "Emergency services cut would put Amesbury at risk"
18th - National Delegates Conference 2007
18th - Maternity and parental rights briefings
13th - Branch meeting - minutes
13th - "Patient dies after hospital car park crash"
12th - Branch meeting - agenda
12th - H&S Week poster
11th - Technician review update
11th - Stop the War demonstration
11th - UNISON diaries and year planners
6th - Meeting with Trust - minutes
2nd - Avon Sector back pay
1st - Letter to Tim Lynch

 August 2006 

30th - "Revellers taking up vital 999 time"
23rd - "New fears over ambulance cuts"
22nd - UNISON response to Evening Post report  
22nd - "PC had to drive dying girl to hospital in ambulance"
16th - Police promise crack down on NHS violence
16th - Health & Safety Organiser
15th - "Striking Merseyside ambulance workers threatened with sack"
15th - "Ambulance trusts fiddled statistics to meet targets"
14th - "Three day strike for Merseyside ambulance workers"
13th - Beware! IMPORTANT!
12th - "Bone break victim inquiry"
11th - "Emergency? Sorry, I can't help you"
10th - Important date! - Branch meeting and visit from Sam Oestreicher, UNISON's lead officer on the ambulance service
9th - UNISON meets bosses over NHS Direct plan
7th - Freedom of information information must be free!
6th - Merseyside ASU strike - UNISON North West Ambulance Service newsletter IMPORTANT!
1st - UNISON health workers warn the heat is on
3rd - Youth jailed for attack on paramedic
2nd - NHS pension scheme
1st - Consultation on proposals to change NHS redundancy and redundancy retirement provisions

 July 2006 

30th - Interim meal break policy - Avon Sector
27th - Hewitt warned NHS faces collapse in morale
18th - Round up of national news from UNISON
17th - National pay survey
13th - Agenda for Change briefing - from NHS Employers
11th - "We will stand together" health workers tell government
11th - "New report highlights Wiltshire health risks"
10th - UNISON 7/7 emergency and caring article wins award
10th - Branch members' meeting - notice
4th - NHS Direct joint union meeting - minutes

 June 2006 

30th - Gloucestershire NHS cuts demonstration - poster
23rd - UNISON national delegate conference
23rd - "Zero tolerance stance fails to stop attacks on NHS workers"
22nd - NHS Direct local joint partnership forum - minutes
22nd - "Merseyside ambulance technicians say "yes" to strike"
21st - Technician review
16th - "Wiltshire dad's kiss-of-life saves baby boy
13th - UNISON involvement in executive recruitment
12th - Great Western Ambulance Road Show - letter to station officers and control managers
9th - Technician review
8th - "Swindon mum proud of her little heroes"
3rd - UNISON working for a safer NHS
1st - Great Western Ambulance Road Show - meeting dates

 May 2006 

31st - "Knowle residents get 999 advice along with a cup of coffee"
28th - Welcome to UNISON Great Western Ambulance Branch - meeting dates
25th - 2.5% pay uplift
25th - Health & Safety project
25th - Station circular - Avon Sector A4C contracts
23rd - NHS Direct joint union meeting - minutes
13th - Great Western Branch newsletter
12th - Branch Executive meeting minutes
11th -"Newent station pays after targets missed
10th - NHS Direct meeting - minutes
5th - "Gloucestershire out of hours service praised"
2nd - Station circular - Avon Sector rota changes to accommodate Agenda for Change

 April 2006 

27th April - "Banned for driving away ambulance" - Drunk teenager avoids prison for stealing Wiltshire ambulance
26th - "Accident shows need for Newent station"
19th - "Wiltshire ambulance hijacked"
11th -"Industrial action called off"
10th - Bulletin - Industrial action cancelled
8th - "Badminton School pupils praised"
7th - "Ambulance staff announce strike"
7th - Branch Executive meeting minutes
6th - "Two hour wait in Great Western ambulance"
5th - Industrial Action short of strike
5th - Industrial dispute bulletin

 March 2006 

31st - Industrial dispute bulletin
24th - What we stand for - UNISONís National Ambulance Committee puts the record straight following recent statements made by ASU & APAP
23rd  - "Great Western Ambulance boss named as Avon chief quits"
23rd - Industrial dispute update
22nd - Industrial dispute update
21st - "Louis Victory, Avon Ambulance Chairman, resigns over merger 'shame'"
15th - Equal pay claim form and briefing - for for day and day/late A&E staff
15th - Equal pay claim notice - for day and day/late A&E staff
14th - Bulletin - Meeting between Branch, Trust, SHA and NHS Staff Council
10th - Industrial dispute bulletin - where we are now
10th - Industrial dispute notice
9th - AGM minutes
5th - Open letter to Acting Chief Executive John Parkinson
5th - Branch AGM agenda
5th - Branch AGM reminder
1st - "Health managers undermine ambulance agreement"

 February 2006 

28th - Press release - UNISON disappointed with management response
27th - "Ambulance staff to vote on action" - BBC
27th - NHS Direct LJPF meeting - minutes
26th - Press release - Ambulance staff to be balloted for industrial action
26th - Industrial action briefing pack - for MPs and journalists
23rd - Bulletin - industrial action ballot
22nd - Assimilation of newly registered paramedics
21st - Letter from Pete James to the Trust and SHA - industrial action ballot
16th - GMB & ASU statement from UNISON National Ambulance Sector
12th - Get a voice - get a vote!
8th - NHS Direct joint union meeting - minutes
8th - NHS Direct meeting - minutes
7th - Letter from Pete James, Senior Regional Representative, to the Trust and SHA

 January 2006 

30th - Industrial dispute update
30th - AfC joint statement
30th - New paramedics notice 
30th - NHS Direct LJPF meeting - minutes
29th - Branch AGM notice
29th - Branch Secretary's response to Louis Victory
28th - "UNISON hope talks will avoid industrial action" - Email from Louis Victory
28th - UNISON hope talks will avoid industrial action
27th - Important notice to all managers, officers, HQ and support staff
19th - West Midlands industrial action
18th - UNISON welcomes Health Secretary's pledge on PCTs
17th - Industrial dispute - UNISON regional rep intervenes
12th - TJCNC minutes
9th - Industrial dispute update
5th - Branch Executive Meeting minutes
1st - Industrial dispute update