Endotracheal intubation resources

Although union membership is primarily aimed at improving employment terms and working conditions, UNISON is also involved in representing its members in clinical issues.  As well as approving changes to policy, UNISON Great Western Ambulance Branch has members who sit on the GWAS Clinical Forum.

An unprecedented amount of interest resulted in the suggestion that GWAS may remove intubation from the skillset of paramedics. This was prompted in part by a document released by JRCALC, included in the table below. This page contains resources that can be used by you to draw your own conclusions.  Please feed back to the Medical Director, the Clinical Forum or yourvoice@unison-greatwestern.co.uk.  If you would like to share additional links, or find a link doesn't work, please email us.


JRCALC: A Critical Reassessment of Ambulance Service 
Airway Management in Pre-Hospital Care

Airway management – JRCALC recommendations July 2008
“paramedic intubation can no longer be recommended as a mandatory component of paramedic practice and should not be continued to be practiced in its current format”


College of Paramedics (British Paramedic Association) updated position paper on paramedic intubation

A comparison of seal in seven supraglottic airway devices

Demystifying direct laryngoscopy

Limited opportunities for paramedic student endotracheal intubation training in the operating room

Out of hospital endotracheal intubation - where are we?

Patient status and time to intubation

Procedural experience with out-of-hospital endotracheal intubation

Simulators and difficult airway management skills

National Occupational Standards: Perform advanced life support for an adult

Gum elastic bougies in difficult intubation

Difficult intubation, the bougie and the stylet

Laryngoscopy Positioning in an Obese Patient

Prehospital endotracheal intubation in adult major trauma patients with head injury

Colourimetric CO2 detector versus capnography for confirming ET tube placement

Pre-hospital intubation for trauma patients

Do head elevation and neck flexion improve laryngeal view and the likelihood of successful intubation

Do beards really bear bad tidings for anaesthetists?

Use of end-tidal carbon dioxide indicators in prehospital intubations will reduce the number of incorrectly placed endotracheal tubes

ETT Cuff Inflation Assessment The experience and practice of Fire Department of New York paramedics

Prove it: Does endotracheal intubation help children?