The Camel Trophy vehicles

Throughout the life of the Camel Trophy the complete Land Rover vehicle range was used.  Range Rover, Series III, Ninety, One Ten, Defender, Discovery and Freelander vehicles all appeared in the distinctive "sandglow" colour scheme.

The vehicles were heavily modified by Land Rover Special Vehicles with a range of expedition, recovery and safety equipment, including:

Generally speaking, except for support and specialist vehicles, the Land Rovers were only used for one event.  Some competitors purchased their vehicles and many remained in the host country.  Consequently, those vehicles that returned to the UK were highly sought after as they were low mileage - but they were "Camel Trophy miles"!  Unfortunately, they were stripped of much of their equipment by Land Rover before they were released.

Restoring the vehicles to their original condition is expensive and time-consuming.  However, the results are worth the effort and expenditure: it is rewarding to own a vehicles with a unique story and its own place in Land Rover history.