"The Project" - CT10

The Camel Trophy Owners Club celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2007.  To celebrate, Tim Cann and the other Keynsham Camels embarked upon a project to recreate a missing Camel Trophy Land Rover.  Painstakingly assembled from real Land Rover parts, including genuine Camel Trophy components, the project represented a Defender 300Tdi High Capacity Pick Up.

Complete with "CT10" convoy plaque, it was the award-winning star display as the Camel Trophy Owners Club attended the UK Land Rover shows in 2007.  It then toured Europe with the Dutch Camel Trophy Enthusiasts.

  A striking convoy arrives at the Peterborough show ground.


  The project was assembled from real Land Rover parts, including genuine Camel Trophy components.


  The display represented the Defender sunk deep beyond its axles in the mire.


  The effect was quite startling.


  Genuine ex-event Zarges boxes filled the pick up tub.


  "CT10" represented the 10th Anniversary of the Camel Trophy Owners Club.  
  The display was part of the CTOC stand at the main Land Rover shows including Eastnor, Billing and Peterborough.


  Hitched up to Tim's Defender 110 Hi-Cap at Peterborough.


  The project vehicle was modelled on Tim's own vehicle, and was liveried as a Camel Trophy 1996 Kalimantan support vehicle


  Even the hubs and tyres were genuine ex-event parts.


  "Annie" was a key member of the display team!  She had clothing worn by participants in the Camel Trophy.


  Some of the team behind the CTOC 10th anniversary display project.



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