Nick's Discovery 

Nick Cox's Discovery is the sixth Keynsham Camel and represents an exciting project.

The vehicle was originally used as a Lead Scout vehicle for Marc Day in the 1996 Kalimantan and 1997 Mongolia events.  After the Camel Trophy, N576 WHP was transformed from an expedition vehicle to a 4x4 challenge vehicle and extensively modified with trick suspension, external roll cage and front and rear winches.

The vehicle came to Nick as little more than a stripped body shell.  The ground-up restoration commenced in 2007 with the acquisition of a donor Discovery to supply the missing parts.  By May the vehicle was a road-going vehicle again, although it is currently legally registered under the donor vehicle's identity.  Over the next 18 months, Nick sourced and fitted body trim, 7.50 tyres, genuine Camel Trophy roof rack, lamps, plaque, winch tray and a Superwinch.  His shopping list continues to grow.


  On display at the LRO Show after extensive modification.


  Participating in a challenge event.


  What comes up ...


  ... must come down.


  With the challenge event equipment, and virtually everything else removed.


  A sorry sight but a wonderful opportunity to restore a special vehicle.


  Nick contemplating the long job ahead.


  Rolling chassis completed with a donor vehicle, in a similar manner to the German team 110.


  Nearing roadworthy condition, waiting for the driver's door to be resprayed.


  To celebrate the vehicle's new MoT, Nick went to an off road course and got totally beached.  
  May 2006: We cleared this green lane Stockwood Vale of flytipped rubbish.


  Greenlaning with the Swailes' Discovery between Wilmington and Inglesbatch.


  A Genuine Safety Devices Camel Trophy roof rack was fitted...


  ... Followed by winch tray and Superwinch ...  
  ... But I bet Nick wished he had got around to fitting a bullbar!



More pictures are available from the "out and about" page