Defender 110 Communications Unit

Mike White bought a Camel Trophy Defender 110 Station Wagon, in 2005.

Mikey's vehicle was another unique specimen.  H652 JRW was built as a communications unit for the 1991 Tanzania - Burundi event.  Powered by Land Rovers indestructible 2.5 Tdi 200, it was fitted with a satellite dish on the roof and a pneumatic aerial mast.  The vehicle had its interior seating removed as it was crammed full of radio and telecommunications equipment.

The Land Rover was rolled on the 1991 event.  The nearside doors and panels were twisted and bent and the roof rack seriously damaged.  Startling pictures of it feature in Chris Bennett's 1992 Land Rover book.  "One careful owner," reads the caption, "There aren't many vehicles that would be capable of driving after collecting this sort of heavy duty damage but for the reliable Land Rover it is a walk in the park."

Land Rover rebuilt the vehicle and it returned to provide communications support for Camel Trophy 1992 in Guyana.

After the Camel Trophy the vehicle passed through the hands of a number of owners, including an off road driving school, until it reached its previous owner in Yorkshire.  A complete rebuild followed, unusual for a 22,000km vehicle!

In 2008, Mikey and the Defender were part of the CTOC expedition to Morocco, a once in a lifetime adventure.

Shortly afterwards, Mikey purchased another rare Defender, this time a 300Tdi workshop unit.  H652 JRW passed to its next owner and we hope that they continue to enjoy this special vehicle.

  The communications unit in use on the 1991 Camel Trophy.


  Looking a sorry state on its return to the UK.  
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  The Land Rover after its second restoration in 2004.


  Mikey navigating across Salisbury Plain, Christmas 2005.


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  Defender negotiating deep ruts.


  Dundry play day, January 2006.  Some holes you can get out of ...


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  ... Some you can't.


  Roof tent replaced satellite dish in 2006.


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  Ideal vehicle to support Mikey's tree surgery whilst maintaining a site at Churchill, April 2006.   Leading out a convoy at Land Rover Experience, Eastnor, June 2006.


  First vehicle to drive the off road course at the LRW Show, Eastnor.


  LRE's Tony guides Mikey through a section of the "extreme" course that had not been driven for years.


  Mikey and his Defender at a 4x4 Fun Day at Dundry, November 2006.


  A quick pit stop with Skinny Chippie, Ben and Dan Wallace, the face of Draper tools, Christmas 2006.  
  Mikey's "bow wave" on Salisbury Plain, New Year's Day 2007.


  Mikey at the wheel near Copehill Down.


  Despite previous torrential rain, the weather was glorious.


  Mickey skilfully negotiates a tight green lane in North East Somerset, May 2007.


  Back to Salisbury Plain, this time for Mikey's 21st birthday celebrations.


  Wading on Salisbury Plain, October 2007.


  The green roof tent had been replaced by a streamlined Maggiolina Autohome.


  On expedition with the CTOC in Morocco, August 2008.


  After 2008's Morrocco holiday, the roof rack and roof tent were removed for refurbishment.



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