Julie & Dave's Discovery 


Julie and David Swailes were new to the Camel Trophy scene when they were introduced by other CTOC members.  They acquired their Land Rover Discovery Tdi 200 in November 2005.

K463 BAC was built in September 1992 and was used as one of the Management Support vehicles for Camel Trophy 1993 Sabah-Malaysia. After the event, the vehicle was brought back to Land Rover's proving grounds at Eastnor Castle and used as a training and selection vehicle for the 1994 and 1995 events.

In 1995, K463 BAC was bought by Lakeland Land Rover in Cumbria for use as a competing vehicle in the Warn Trophy in Morocco.

In due course, the vehicle was owned by three enthusiasts before it fell into the hands of Mary Askew & Wouter van Tol on Christmas Eve 1999. They prepared the vehicle for a year-long overland expedition through Africa, starting in Morocco, driving south to Cape Town before turning round and driving back north to Djibouti.

Whilst every Camel Trophy vehicle is a piece of Land Rover history, K463 BAC has possibly had more "column inches" of press coverage than any other Camel Trophy vehicle. It featured in at least seventeen different Land Rover magazines between 1994 and 2005.

The Discovery is now in daily use as a family car.

  Winching practice at Chelwood, Winter 2005


  Time for lunch at the Old Sodbury Sortout, April 2006


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  Line up of four Camels at Keynsham Scouts' clay pigeon shoot, March 2006


  Xtreme Offroad, Easter 2006


  Exploring North Somerset's virgin private woodland


  Dave at the wheel


  Smiles all round from the Swailes family


  Heading a line up of five Camels at Churchill, Easter 2006


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  Dave makes "light" work of manoeuvring the Discovery at the Motor Heritage Centre, April 2006


  Meeting up with All Land Rovers Great and Small before the London to Brighton run, October 2006


  A quick pit stop at Skinny Chippie's barn, Suffolk, Christmas 2006


  Taking a dip on Salisbury Plain, New Year's Day 2007


  Breaking out the Kelly kettle for elevenses.


  Sweaty looking forward to lunch at Imber


  Making a splash on Salisbury Plain


  Discovery Dave's dangerously deep ditch dash


  This is the hole that swallowed the Freelander.  Getting inadvertently stuck is quite good fun ...


  ... But not when both night and rain fall!


  The winch in operation for green lane clearance at Stockwood Vale, May 2007


  Dave and Fish navigating Ringspit Lane, Pensford


  Reminiscent of the Discovery's expedition across the African Savannah with Mary and Wouter...


  ... But the SAS 110 gives it away as Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, where the Camels gathered to celebrate Mikey's 21st birthday in 2007.


  New Year's Day 2009





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