The 1998 German Team One Ten

In 2006, Tim acquired a second Camel Trophy vehicle and it was the only team vehicle represented in the Keynsham Camels.  The Land Rover One Ten was the German team vehicle used in Camel Trophy Sulawesi 1988. 

Sulewesi 1988 was the first event to feature the "special tasks" formula to enable the participants to immerse themselves in competitive tasks for the first 36 hours of the event, then to be able to savour the full the magnificence of the landscape through which they passed on the way from start at Manado until the final special task site in Torajaland some 200 km north of the eventual finish at Ujung Pandang. The German team, Dirk Battermann and Norbert Skodock. featured in the event video for 1988.

The story of how the One Ten came into Tim's ownership is an adventure itself.  The vehicle had passed into the hands of an owner in Luxembourg.  When he upgraded to a new Defender, he transferred all the Camel Trophy equipment to the new vehicle, leaving little more than a chassis and bodyshell.  In a whirlwind weekend, Tim and Mikey collected the One Ten from Luxembourg and then returned to the UK where the One Ten was restored at a secret location close to Keynsham.

After two weekends, the One Ten was ready for an MoT and the process of obtaining an age-related number plate began.  Restoration continued and the vehicle was fitted with a genuine Camel Trophy rollcage, winch and reproduction livery.  Tim sourced many of the rare parts, equipment and documentation for the vehicle before ownership passed to our friends Karen & Sean Beale from the Camel Trophy Owners Club.  Sean completed the restoration of the vehicle and it was fully kitted out for the CTOC expedition to Morocco in 2008.

  A ground up restoration using a donor vehicle and a large collection of genuine Camel Trophy spares.


  TD engine replaced with a more reliable Tdi and gearbox.  
  Work will resume after a short tea break.


  Rolling chassis completed in two weekends.  
  Team names are good Scrabble scores.


  Tim worked on the project for over a year.  
  The full restoration was completed by Sean and Karen Beale in 2008.


  On expedition with the CTOC in Morocco, August 2008.


  Karen pilots the One Ten across a frozen Salisbury Plain in 2009.


  Sean is only smiling because it stops his teeth from chattering.



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