Discovery Camel Trophy Limited Edition

In January 2009, Martin White, Mikey's older brother, sourced a Land Rover Discovery Camel Trophy Limited Edition.  It was soon transferred to our secret base near Keynsham so it could be carefully scrutinised.  It was in excellent condition.

The Limited Edition models were produced by Land Rover to celebrate the Camel Trophy.  They did not participate in the events but were sold to enthusiasts, many of them in Japan.  The amount of Camel Trophy accessories varies from vehicle to vehicle, but they lack many of the hardcore expedition accessories such as the roll cage and snorkel.

It was interesting to compare this vehicle with the Discovery LE owned by our friends Karen & Sean from the Camel Trophy Owners Club.  Theirs was an S-reg Tdi that was held back by Land Rover and not exported.

Martin made a number of practical and sympathetic updates to the vehicle, before it moved on to a new owner because Martin had become the proud owner of a P-reg event Discovery.

  The eighth Keynsham Camel.


  Safe at the Keynsham Camels secret lab!


  Martin fetches a kettle of water.  We're gonna need a brew...


  Martin starts a through inspection of the new vehicle.



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