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Helen's lifelong desire to improve the health and welfare of horses and other animals led her to become an animal therapist.

Before setting up in practice, Helen studied a four-year BSc (Hons) Equine Science degree at the University of the West of England, Hartpury College. Helen graduated with first class honours. Helen's training included placements with various equine and small animal vets, which has provided her with the hands-on knowledge and experience to widen her practice to small animals, such as goats, sheep, dogs and even cats.

Helen's dissertation, which studied the effect of road nails on equine hoof balance, was selected as the Eqvalan Thesis of the Year after she gave a presentation at the Royal Agricultural Society. She went on to present her research at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons National Equine Forum.

This was followed by a two-year Postgraduate Diploma in Animal Manipulation (PGDipAM) from McTimoney College, validated by the University of Wales.

Helen is also qualified in equine and canine sports massage after obtaining Equine Body Worker (EBW) and Canine Body Worker (CBW) certification from Equinenergy. This popular, effective therapy can be used separately or alongside McTimoney animal manipulation.  Helen has also been trained in the application of laser and Equissage therapy systems.

Helen was elected to the national committee of the professional association for animal manipulators, the McTimoney Animal Association, and for four years served as the Chairman.

In 2005, Helen was asked to return to McTimoney College to tutor students in the animal manipulation technique.  For a number of years Helen enjoyed helping the next generation of McTimoney students develop their skills.

Helen has a particular interest in the effects of hoof balance on equine posture, and the benefits of barefoot hoof rehabilitation.

In her spare time she rides and competes her own horses, predominantly in dressage. She is a firm follower of Classical Dressage training and is currently producing her Arabian gelding to show Arabs make excellent dressage horses!

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Click here to visit HorseWorld Helen is proud to provide services for HorseWorld, the Southwest's premier equine charity.  Helen works in conjunction with the HorseWorld team of vets and specialists at its welfare department in Bristol.


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